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Musky Festival Winner in 2015!


Congratulations Jack Watkins!

2015 Musky Festival Winner with a 45" musky



Date Name Length Lake Bait/Conditions
5/29 Chris Lovelace


LLL gilliano lure/cloudy
6/1 Laura Duke 44.5" LLL rattel trap/cloudy
6/8 Jon Suhl 40.5" Teal bucktail/clear
6/10 Steve Templeton 47" LLL mepps/cloudy
6/13 Joe Olsen 41" Teal x-rap/cloudy
6/17 Charlie Olsen 47" Teal bucktail/sunny
6/20 Dave Hebeda 42" Teal bucktail/sunny
6/22 Larry Pitman 42" LLL bucktail/sunny
6/26 Clarence Miller 44.75" LLL black spinner/sunny
6/26 Kasey Miller 40" LLL white bucktail/sunny
6/29 Rich Gallagher 43" Teal cloudy
6/29 Mike Brown 45.5" Teal bucktail/sunny
6/30 Blake Brown 41" Teal top raider/cloudy
7/24 Ron Johnson 40" LLL buc tail/cloudy
7/27 Reina Jays 40" Teal speckled spinner/rainy
7/24 Jon Martin 40" Teal bucktail/sunny
7/28 Ron Johnson Jr 40" LLL bucktail/sunny
8/1 Patrick Hanley 42" Teal bucktail/cloudy
8/10 Kevin McAuliffe 48" LLL lake x/cloudy
9/1 Shawn Asdell 40" Teal bucktail/cloudy
9/5 Rob Macy 42" Teal orange spinner/cloudy
9/12 Jim Considine 46" Teal banjo minnow
9/15 Bob King Jr 42" Teal bucktail/full moon
9/19 Phil Williamson 45" Teal


9/20 Paul Turner 40" Teal bucktail/cloudy
9/24 Bob Bauer 43.75" LLL dawg/overcast
9/24 Amy Phelps 43" LLL sucker/sunny
9/26 Amy Phelps 43.5" LLL lure/rainy
9/29 Chris Lovelace 50" LLL cloudy
10/2 Bryan Krause 43" LLL sucker/sunny
10/8 Jack Schmidt 42.5" LLL sucker/sunny
10/10 Paul Lukaszewski 40" LLL sucker/sunny
10/10 Paul Braun 41" LLL sucker/sunny
10/10 Bob Mehlberg 40" LLL sucker/sunny
10/10 Duane Goeske 42" LLL


10/10 Duane Goeske 44" LLL sucker/cloudy
10/11 Scott Mehlberg 46" Teal pike minnow
10/11 Scott Mehlberg 42" LLL mepps/calm
10/12 Jack Schmidt 40" LLL sucker/windy
10/13 Kurt Semrich 40" LLL sucker/cloudy
10/13 Dave Watkins 44" LLL sucker/cloudy
10/13 Duane Goeske 41" LLL sucker/cloudy
10/13 Dave Watkins 44" LLL sucker/cloudy
10/14 Bob Lee 47" LLL sucker/cloudy
10/14 Kurt Semrich 40.75" LLL sucker/cloudy
10/14 Duane Goeske 40" LLL sucker/cloudy
10/14 Tracy Tiedel 42.5" LLL sucker/cloudy
10/15 Duane Goeske 45.5" LLL sucker/cloudy


Thursday, 27 August 2015 00:00

ESCAPE to a beautiful log cabin just 6' from the water's edge.

Blue Heron's screened in porch view

Check out our Quiet Season Rates.


We are not offering 25% off our prime season rates plus you may qualify for additional discounts.  Call 715-462-3379 for more details.

Fishing the Quiet Lakes
Thursday, 27 August 2015 00:00

Rod Bruner started our 2014 spring fishing off with a nice walleye.


Dave Hebeda caught and released 12 musky in 2 1/2 days!

This spring has been the best fishing in the 10 years I've been coming up here!  - Earl Trotter

"Fishing is great!  The crappies and northern are really active."  - Bob Mehlberg

Nice way to kick off your vacation with 50 crappies on the first day.  Great fishing to Curt and Jake Hribal.

The Johnson fishermen caught 3 nice muskies in 10 minutes!  They later caught another 7 in 40 minutes.

A “Reel” Relaxing Fishing Retreat at Northland Lodge
Wednesday, 25 February 2015 20:29

By: Adam Wohnoutka posted Tue, Jun 17, 2014 - Resorts and Lodges

The boat gently bobs up and down on the sparkling lake waters. Cattails sway in a cool breeze. You clutch a fishing pole, anxiously awaiting that first bite. The rod flexes ever-so-slightly before the big strike. You set the hook and the battle begins. This is the way fishing should be, in the heart of nature, removed from all distractions.

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Saturday, 03 August 2013 00:00

A bird watchers paradise? Some of our guests think so. Nestled among our beautiful pine forest, observe a variety of Warblers, Chickadees, Sapsuckers, Ovenbirds, Chimney Swifts, Eastern Phoebe, Belled Kingfisher, Redwing Blackbird, Starlings, White Breasted Nuthatch, Sparrows, Blue Herons, Loons, Blue Jays, Woodpeckers and of course the graceful Bald Eagles