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Fishing Adventures at Northland Lodge
Group of Guys on Dock at Quiet Lakes

Excellent Fishing at Northland Lodge - Outdoor Adventures on Class "A" Musky Waters

Dad & Son on Dock FishingWisconsin's only Quiet Lakes are blessed with a 10 MPH speed limit, ensuring undisturbed weed beds and making Lost Land Lake and Teal Lake famous for excellent fishing. In these CLASS "A" MUSKY WATERS, 1 of 3 legal muskies caught are 40" or more. Our albums and newsletters attest to the musky, walleye, large and small-mouth bass, crappies, northern, and pan-fish that delight our guests.

The combined 2,500 acres are just the right size to continue to challenge guests who have come back to Northland Lodge for decades. Yet the lakes are small enough to offer worry free outdoor adventures.

We still have openings for the Wisconsin Fishing Opener May 3, 2016.
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Lost Land Lake is more shallow for spring fishing. Teal Lake with its islands is deeper for fall fishing.  The water clarity allows fishermen to see approaching fish and triggers squeals of excitement from little anglers. It is nice for little anglers to know they can always catch fish from the docks. And it is nice to know from experienced fishing  Guide, Pete Maina, that your outdoor adventures "chance of catching a legal musky are greatest on the Quiet Lakes." Our Excellent Fishing Guides can be booked at the Lodge. It is a good investment for future Quiet Lakes fishing.

Beautiful 50.5" musky caught on the Quiet LakesOptimum fish catching time:
Crappie - May and early June are prime, but they bite throughout the year

Walleye - May and September 15 to lake freezing

Musky - June, September and October are prime, but they bite throughout the year

Bass - June and early Fall are prime, but they bite throughout

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First Fishing Adventure for Traci she is 3 years old. Wonderful family fishing vacation and pastime.

When is the best time to catch muskies?
According to DNR:

The best time to go fishing, of course, is any time you can get away. You can increase your chances of catching a musky, however, by fishing during the most favorable conditions and at the best times of the year.

Some of the highest catch rates for muskies are during the summer months when the water is warm and the fish are most active.

Ready to catch a musky?
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"Lost Land Lake is my water therapy."  Duane Goeske

"We're coming back for more fishing. Nature is so healing."  Penny Brafford

"Catching the 50" musky was the best moment of my life."  Steve Hart

"What our kids love is that they can always catch fish on the bay dock." Dave Piggot

"Bass fishing is excellent on Lost Land and Teal Lake." Guide, Terry Peterson

Small Mouth Bass

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